Jesus Healing the Servant of a Centurion

Paolo Veronese, Jesus Healing the Servant of a Centurion, 16th century. Oil on canvas, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Gemaeldegalerie, Vienna.

Paolo Veronese (1528–1588) was a leading master of the Italian Renaissance who concentrated on large historical and religious paintings. Based in Venice, he became known for a technique that employed textured brushstrokes and the layering of glazes, resulting in a luminous color palette. The narrative story told here recounts the miracle story of Jesus and the centurion. A Roman centurion is seen kneeling with outstretched arms as he appeals to Jesus to heal his ailing servant who has fallen ill at home. Two of the centurion’s helmeted soldiers flank their commander as Jesus compassionately gestures toward the humble man, telling him the miracle has been accomplished. Veronese’s challenge in telling this story is in keeping the action of the miracle “out of frame” at the home of the centurion.

Paolo Veronese, Jesus Healing the Servant of a Centurion. Oil on canvas, 16th century.

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