Salvador Dalí, detail from the lithograph Familia Ruth Moabitidis, 1964.

Salvador Dalí (1904–1989) was a remarkable Spanish surrealist artist. His eccentric lifestyle made him an important figure in the surrealist cultural movement that sought to reconcile dreams with reality. This work, part of Dalí’s five-volume illustrated Biblia Sacra, depicts the destitute family of Ruth. Boaz, a wealthy Israelite, notices Ruth, a poor foreigner from Moab, and promises to marry her, alleviating her family’s difficult circumstances. Dalí depicts Ruth in a pastoral scene with her family harmoniously gathered together during troubled times.  The central figure, Ruth is portrayed in soft yellows, attesting to her noble character.

Salvador Dali, Familia Ruth Moabitidis, 1964.

Relating to or associated with people living in the territory of the northern kingdom of Israel during the divided monarchy, or more broadly describing the biblical descendants of Jacob.

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