Nabratein Synagogue

Nabratein synagogue in the upper Galilee, circa 564 C.E., Naburiya, northeast of Safed.

The Nabratein synagogue is one of the oldest in Galilee, with almost a thousand years of history and worship. It was first constructed in the sixth century C.E. in the Jewish village of Naburiya. After it was destroyed by an earthquake, it was rebuilt reusing many of its original stones. An inscription over the entrance reads, in part, “Built four hundred ninety four years after the destruction of the Temple,” referring to the destruction of the second temple of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 C.E. Jewish worship in the synagogue continued through the eighth century C.E., providing evidence that a Jewish community survived for over a century and a half after the Muslim conquest around 634 C.E.

Nabratein Synagogue in the upper Galilee, northeast of Safed.

The structure built in Jerusalem in 516 B.C.E. on the site of the Temple of Solomon, destroyed by the Babylonians seventy years prior. The Second Temple was destroyed in 70 C.E. by the Romans responding to Jewish rebellion.

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