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  • map-Alexandria-spm-c-01
  • map-BAS-AncientIsraelandEnvirons-c
  • map-Antioch-spm-c-05
  • map-BAS-Babylonian-Campaigns-c
  • map-Bethlehem-spm-c-03
  • Sites with Yehud stamp impressions found up to 2007 (after O. Lipschits and D. Vanderhooft).
  • map-Capernaum-spm-c-03
  • map-Corinth-spm-c-02
  • Egypt
  • empires-of-antiquity
  • map-BAS-AncientIsraelandEnvirons-c
  • map-Hazor-rm-c-01
  • Herodian Kingdoms
  • Israel and Judah
  • map-Jericho-spm-c-01
  • map-JordanRiver-spm-c-02
  • Borders of Judah
  • map-Mesopotamia-rm-c-02
  • map-Moab-spm-c-02
  • Nineveh
  • map-palestine-regions-rm-c-01
  • Persian Empire
  • map-Qumran-spm-c-02
  • Rome
  • map-Samaria-spm-c-01
  • map-Trade_Routes-c-01
  • map-Twelve Tribes-rm-c-02
  • map-Galilee-rm-c-03
  • Map of the province of Yehud in the Persian period according to biblical sources and archaeological finds (after E. Stern).

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