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Welcome to Bible Odyssey Website. This tutorial explains how to navigate the site.

You’ll notice that Bible Odyssey has primary navigational tabs at the top: PEOPLE, PLACES, and PASSAGES.  Click on “PEOPLE” and a list of familiar and perhaps unfamiliar names appears.

If you hover over a name, an image, a one-sentence summary, and two leading questions appear so you can decide if you want to read further. Click on a name, and you’ll see a “main” article on the topic, focused around two leading questions, which the article answers.

To the right you’ll see a “related content scroll bar” with related and additional articles, videos, maps, timelines, and games.

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Main articles also have bullet points, short summaries of the topic with interesting facts.

Every article has suggestions for further reading and other resources on the Internet.

Unfamiliar terms display either as a Harper Collins Dictionary entry or as a glossary term pop-up. And all Bible citations are highlighted and can be viewed in a hover-over pop-up or through a widget.

Places and Passages follow the same format.

If you go back to the people, places, and passages landing page, you’ll notice a black tab that says “Related Articles.” Click this to see all the related content for that category. You can filter your results to the left, using various themes.

The Bibles tab at the top takes you to the entire text of three different Bible translations in English. Here, you can compare translations or search a single translation. You can search a range, as in Matthew 5-7 or a single verse, as in Matthew 5:7. If you click on the link, it takes you to the full passage.

The Tools tab at the top lists all the multimedia gallery pages, and resources like the bibliography, contributors, and the Harper Collins Bible dictionary.

Bible Basics is a section of longer articles devoted to the methods and ideas that are the basis of biblical scholarship.

Browse A-Z is a site map of how all site content is inter-related. By using the black tabs at the top you can filter the results by content/media type, letter, or theme. If you're interested in what life was like in biblical times, choose the theme "Daily Life" and only the relevant content will display.

Bible Odyssey Website is an ongoing project of the Society of Biblical Literature, an international academic membership organization for scholars of the Bible. The SBL produced Bible Odyssey Website with a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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