Exod 38:1-7

Making the Altar of Burnt Offering 1He made the altar of burnt offering also of acacia wood; it was five cubits long, and five cubits wide; it was square, and three cubits high.2He made horns for it on its four corners; its horns were of one piece with it, and he overlaid it with bronze.3He made all the utensils of the altar, the pots, the shovels, the basins, the forks, and the firepans: all its utensils he made of bronze.4He made for the altar a grating, a network of bronze, under its ledge, extending halfway down.5He cast four rings on the four corners of the bronze grating to hold the poles;6he made the poles of acacia wood, and overlaid them with bronze.7And he put the poles through the rings on the sides of the altar, to carry it with them; he made it hollow, with boards.