Lev 7:1-10

1This is the ritual of the guilt offering. It is most holy;2at the spot where the burnt offering is slaughtered, they shall slaughter the guilt offering, and its blood shall be dashed against all sides of the altar.3All its fat shall be offered: the broad tail, the fat that covers the entrails,4the two kidneys with the fat that is on them at the loins, and the appendage of the liver, which shall be removed with the kidneys.5The priest shall turn them into smoke on the altar as an offering by fire to the Lord; it is a guilt offering.6Every male among the priests shall eat of it; it shall be eaten in a holy place; it is most holy.7The guilt offering is like the sin offering, there is the same ritual for them; the priest who makes atonement with it shall have it.8So, too, the priest who offers anyone's burnt offering shall keep the skin of the burnt offering that he has offered.9And every grain offering baked in the oven, and all that is prepared in a pan or on a griddle, shall belong to the priest who offers it.10But every other grain offering, mixed with oil or dry, shall belong to all the sons of Aaron equally.