Bethlehem Pilgrims

Eric Matson, Bethlehem, Christmas Day, circa 1890.  Photograph, Library of Congress.

Bethlehem has been a site of Christian pilgrimage for the last 1,700 years. The pilgrimage road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem connects the Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem to the historical entrance of Bethlehem, near the Church of the Nativity, and ends in Manger Square. During Christmas ceremonies every year, thousands of pilgrims from around the world congregate in Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The journey on foot, following the route celebrated as the path followed by Joseph and Mary, takes about two hours.
Bethlehem Pilgrims

Birth, often accounts about the birth of Jesus.

a journey, usually with religious significance

A hypothetical source of sayings about Jesus conceived to explain common materials in Matthew and Luke.

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