Jean-Michel Basquiat, Philistines, 1982.

Philistines and Their Cities

The Philistines, long thought to have migrated en masse from the Aegean, had diverse origins and developed a "hybrid" culture.

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Scene of Deborah, Barak, and Sisera from the Morgan Picture Bible or Maciejowski Bible Commissioned ca. 1240 by King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis). Illuminated vellum, folio 12r, The Morgan Library and Museum


Deborah, the only female judge in the Hebrew Bible, defeated the Canaanites with the help of her general Barak and Jael, wife of Heber the Kenite.

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The Story of David and Bathsheba, Greece, 19th century. Linen embroidered with silk thread, from the Jewish Museum, New York, and the H. Ephraim and Mordecai Benguiat Family Collection.


Bathsheba’s relatively short story is packed with scandal and intrigue: wife to King David (after he has her husband killed in battle) she is instrumental in the rise of their son Solomon to the throne.

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Kano Eitoku, Chinese guardian lions (karajishi), (right panel) 16th century, and (left panel) 17th century by Kano Tsunenobu. Gold and color on paper, six-fold screen, Museum of the Imperial Collections, Tokyo.

Daniel in the Lion’s Den

The popular story of Daniel in the lion's den is visually rich; but it is also a poignant tale of faith and politics.

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Is there a cultural precedent for entering a house through the roof?

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